Several Ways to Customize Lanyards

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The one feature of lanyards that could probably trump their convenience and usefulness is probably their accessibility. If you are in the market for a lanyard, chances are you can easily find one nearby if you look at the right places. As more and more people are recognizing the lanyard’s versatility and practicality, the demand for lanyards are going up and if demand is going up, suppliers will scramble to offer them in their stores. This is a win-win situation as they are quite easy to make, thus opening up the market for a range of styles that can cater to the varied tastes of people who need a lanyard.


If you want the convenience of a lanyard but don’t quite appreciate the designs currently on the market, you are in luck. Lanyards are not only easy to make, but also easy to customize. This is a good option for individuals who would like a sense of identity to be displayed in something they probably wear every day, and it is also a wise choice for organizations who would like to promote their brand to increase exposure in their respective target markets.

In the past, lanyard design has been stuck in simple monochromatic palettes – black, white, or shades of gray, with a boring logo or pattern. The selection of fabric or material also tends to be limited. Recently, though, there has been a transformation in lanyard making. Lanyards have been seen to ride on current trends from a dizzying array of colors based on pantone matching, to the range of materials that can be used to create the lanyard.

The traditional lanyard consists of print on a length of polyester band, but now we also see nylon, woven, dye sublimated, tubular, and even cord-type swatches with differing lengths – to be worn around the neck, wrist, or other applicable body parts. One does not need to be overly creative or artistic to produce a unique, quality lanyard as most suppliers offer free customization services. The design elements that go into making a lanyard are simple enough that you can pick through swatches of material for a few minutes, perhaps add a few pins and trinkets for that added personal touch and wait for your lanyard to be made in almost no time at all.

You can also go the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route and shop around for fabrics and all the bells and whistles you want to go into your lanyard as these items can be easily found in any dollar store or craft supply shop near you. On the other hand, professionals and office workers who wish to use wholesalelanyards in a professional setting tend to be limited in their design choices. As a corporate item, the lanyard has to maintain a certain professional look to help improve the wearer’s image. For this reason, many employees get tired and bored of seeing the same bland lanyard day in, day out.

Depending on the nature of your work, you might be able to dress up your lanyard as well, though admittedly not as extensively as you would have if it was for personal use. For instance, if you work for an organization that deals with school-age children on a regular basis, you could spice up your lanyard with brighter colors and child-friendly designs by adding pins, trinkets or stickers.

These little details will make you feel more in touch with those you are working with and will definitely add a dash of your personality to the otherwise plain and flat lanyard your office has provided. After all, you wear it practically every day, for long periods of time each day and it would only be fitting to put a little of your character into it instead of wearing it looking like everyone else.

Why You Should Consider Homes for Sale Long Island

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Long Island has 4 or 2 counties depending on your perspective. Traditionally there are 4 counties: Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, and Queens. The last two are now widely considered as boroughs of New York.

This article will discuss several reasons why you should consider homes for sale Long Island. The data and arguments presented will only consist of Suffolk and Nassau Counties. For more details, refer to the articles by the same author or from the same website.

Home Values

Homes for sale Long Island can be divided into two categories: brand new and distressed (foreclosure homes). The former has an average selling price of $290,000. The latter has an average selling price of $200,000. This means a difference or foreclosure discount amounting to 31.8%. Take note that foreclosure discounts increase or decrease depending on the location. For example, the average foreclosure discount for the Bronx is around 21% while it goes as high as 61% in Schenectady.


If you only consider Suffolk and Nassau Counties, you have a middle class to upper middle class neighborhood. This means well-kept lawns and relatively safe neighborhoods. The crime index has been at a record low for the past couple of years. There are 656 public schools (125 school districts) as well as 13 hospitals in Nassau and 12 in Suffolk.


Because Long Island is located in the Atlantic, the weather is regarded as somewhere in the middle of humid subtropical and humid continental. This means that the summers are warm and the winters are cold and wet. Average snowfall for the past few years ranged from 25 to 40 inches.


Long Island has a population density of 5,402 per square mile. This figure is very misleading because it includes Queens and Brooklyn. Together, these two have a total population of 4,735,422 whereas Suffolk and Nassau only have a combined population of 2,832,882.


homes for sale Long IslandLong Island is comprised of a predominantly white population (54%). African-Americans rank second with 20%. Asians comprise 12%. This may seem insensitive, but surveys state that Nassau and Suffolk tend to have neighborhoods comprised of specific ethnicities and races. In other words, location-wise, there is racial segregation. However, when it comes to overall interaction, there is no such divide. In fact, the segregation is good for business since some locales have made a business out of the divide (e.g. Little Korea, Little China).


Long Island has several modes of public transportation. Primarily, you have the railway system. The subway also goes to and from Long Island. Major highways are also well-maintained. Public roads have sufficient numbers of buses with various routes all over the metro. You have major airports and a couple of small private airports.


Everybody points to New York as the main hub but Long Island also has a thriving business sector. This includes international brands, cutting edge laboratories, and agriculture (east side).


Religion plays an important role to some buyers. Counting all 4 counties, 22% of the population is comprised of Catholics and while Jews make up 7%. If you count only Nassau and Suffolk, the percentages go up to 52 and 16, respectively.

In Closing

If you are interested in homes for sale Long Island, then conduct your own research. Take a road trip within Long Island. You can even conduct an internet search, contact a broker, or ask a bank or lender to show you their foreclosure listing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Discount Golf Clubs

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Given that golf is as much a game of strategy as of athleticism, a lot of its aspects require a significant deal of consideration. Anything and everything from how and where to train to which shoes to wear and what kind of equipment to purchase all come with a set of pros and cons that both aspiring and professional golfers need to grapple with.

Surprisingly, whether to purchase/use discounted equipment or not is also a point of contention, especially for beginners who are still on the fence about truly committing to the sport or not (Usually, pro-golfers either have sponsors to provide for them, or have no trouble with making a few sacrifices to fund their commitment to bettering their game.).

Evidently, discount golf clubs come with a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages, some of which will be discussed below:


  • They are cheaper – With basic golf clubs normally costing hundreds of dollars at a pop, discount golf clubs that are priced at a considerably lower rate are definitely appealing. And if the aspiring golfer is patient and resourceful about sniffing out good deals for golfing equipment, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll get a spanking good (if slightly used) set at a budget-friendly price.
  • They don’t require as much commitment from those who simply want to dabble in the sport – Infrequent golfers who are just seeking an alternative form of exercise or who are involved in it for social reasons (as opposed to actually improving their game play) often welcome discount golf clubs since it allows them to play the sport without forking over a small fortune up front. Also, discounted equipment is also great for parents who want their kids to try the sport but are unsure if their children will actually commit to the game.
  • Veteran golfers who prefer older golf club models also have a better chance of finding them in the discount pile since advances in technology have caused earlier prototypes to be discontinued entirely.
  • They’ve already been broken in – This is especially true in the case of used (but still serviceable) golf clubs that are sold at a discount. Sometimes, a few nicks and scratches in the right places can actually improve the performance of a golf club, especially if they were previously handled by a fairly adept golfer.


  • Discount golf clubs don’t usually come with a return or refund policy. This is usually because their prices have already been significantly reduced, or because they are simply used equipment that their previous owner is trying to get rid of.
  • Buyers can come across counterfeits and get ripped off. Discount golf clubs aren’t usually subjected to the same kind of scrutiny as their regularly-priced counterparts so a defective or fake piece of equipment occasionally makes it into the sale pile. Counterfeit golf clubs are often ridiculously unreliable or even dangerous. Club heads can detach mid-swing, shafts can break, and incorrect swing weights can cause poor posture and chronic body pain over time. It is advisable, therefore, for potential buyers to carefully examine the golf clubs to see if they have serial numbers stamped on them and if the words on their packaging are spelled correctly.
  • There are often fewer choices, especially for aspiring golfers with custom equipment requirements. Since discounted golf clubs are often the surplus output of a manufacturing firm, there’s no guarantee that a buyer will find a golf club with the exact length, weight, and angle that they require from the discount pile.
  • Discounted golf clubs are also very unlikely to include the latest updates (such as adjustable weights or club faces). Take note, however, that beginners don’t really need such features and that they are generally intended for pro-level players (who wouldn’t be shopping for their gear in the discount pile anyway).

Ostarine is the New Thing

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Ostarine is just one of the other various selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) being developed to serve different medical purposes. Also known as enobosarm, GTx-024, or MK-2866, it is a mild SARM wherein its effects are highly dependent on the dosage.


SARMs aid in different medical conditions specifically those involving bone and muscle loss such as sarcopenia (loss of skeletal muscle) and osteoporosis (becoming extremely porous of the bones), and even type II diabetes. What it does is that it targets the androgens in the body specifically those found in the bone and muscle. Those androgens are the ones responsible for the anabolism regulation in the bones and muscles as well as in the regulation of the body fat mass for both men and women.

The body’s production of androgen decreases with age. This then results to an increase in muscle and bone loss such as those conditions aforementioned. Primarily, ostarine was developed for the prevention of the wasting of the muscles and the bones in the body such as sarcopenia. With that it has been proven in various clinical tests or studies that through its use, it can contribute to the increase in one’s lean body mass (LBM) and an increase in muscle. Because of this there are a few brands who even sell it as a dietary supplement.


Aside from serving to different medical purposes, ostarine has also been creating a buzz in the bodybuilding world. Among the other SARMs developed out there and becoming of use to those in the industry, it is considered as the most popular one. This is due to the fact that it provides almost the same effects that the steroid does, which some bodybuilders use but with little to no side effects compared.


Just like the different anabolic steroids available out in the market, ostarine can produce the same outcomes with little to no side effects at all. Even if that is the case, it is not in any way a type of steroid and the outcomes may be visible at a slower pace since as already mentioned, it is mild and its effectiveness is highly dependent on the dosage.


Compared to steroids out there, being a SARM, it only selects or targets the androgens found in the muscle and bones and not those in the other organs of the body. It thus eliminates the chances of having oversized or even ruptured organs.

It also does not make use of methyl alcohol or a methyl group as one of its components or ingredients. This then makes the substance not toxic to the liver. Even so, there is still no assurance that it would not have any effects on one’s blood pressure but if it would, it only has little effects.


The thing with ostarine is that with its capability to be selective on the androgen receptors that it targets, it brings no negative effect on the adrenal glands which primarily are responsible for the production of the natural hormones in the body, thus making it quite safe to be of use of both men and women. Other than that, its androgenic effects or those producing masculine characteristics are kept at a minimum making it better for the use of the women.

Even if this new drug or substance generate a lot of benefits to our body and gives off little to no side effects at all compared to others whose purpose is the same, it must still be kept in mind that all must have a limit. Consultation with experts and further research must always be considered to avoid any undue complications.